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Richmond United Soccer Club FAQ'S

Richmond United Soccer Club FAQs

Q: Other clubs seem to be collecting full soccer registration fees, why is the RUSC not collecting registration fees?

A: The RUSC is not collecting fees because we, like all sports organizations, are not able to confirm what sports will look like in September. At this point in time we are moving forward with soccer programming to include games and league play; however, our program structure and program requirements will be guided by what Health Officials, BC Soccer, Canada Soccer and Via Sport. The RUSC does not want to charge and collect fees until we know what our program will look like. We want you to be able to decide if the program being offered is right for you.  

Q: What will happen if games or League play do not resume in the Fall (September)?

A:  We are following direction and guidance from all the appropriate authorities. While we are planning for the season to start as per usual, it is possible that it may not.  We are exploring what options we can provide for our members while keeping in mind that just training in a physically distanced environment may not be what members want 1-3 times per week for 8 months.

Q: What will registration fees be if the soccer season will comprise of no games or fewer games than what we are used to?

A: This is difficult to answer. Registration fees will largely depend on the direction and guidelines set out by Health Officials, BC Soccer, Canada Soccer and Via Sport. Here are some things that will influence registration fees:

  • League play requires league fees, referees, field time, etc. This would be a normal scenario with registration fees expected to be the same. 
  • Training only with restrictions (same as today) requires higher player to coach ratios, smaller groups spread throughout the field requiring more field space, more safety equipment, more protocols, etc. We haven't discussed this in detail but we hope to have different options available so we can be flexible to meet your needs.  
  • Training only with no restrictions will be the same as previous years but members can expect to save money because we will not be paying league fees, referee costs or game day field costs.

Q: We see other sports organizations playing games, scrimmaging, doing 1v1 or 2v2 drills in practice. Can we expect the RUSC start including these activities as well?

A: At this point the direction and guidelines from all the appropriate authorities is that physical distancing (6 feet apart) must be followed.  The RUSC will continue to follow this direction and guidance until such time that the appropriate authorities provide the sporting community with new information.  The health and safety of our members is the priority.

Q: We see that some sports organizations have eased up on the COVID Screening Assessments and the hand/equipment sanitizing requirements prior to each training session. Can we expect the RUSC to ease up on these as well?

A: Similar to the answer above, the RUSC takes direction and guidance from the appropriate authorities. At this point in time, the COVID Screening Assessment and the hand/equipment sanitizing requirements are mandatory. The health and safety of our members is the priority.

If you have any questions regarding any of the FAQ’s please contact

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Congrats to our 2019/2020 Graduating Players & Scholarship Recipients!

The 2019/2020 Season marked the conclusion of the youth soccer journey for many lifetime players in the RUSC (formerly RGSA). 

While we never could have expected how this season would end, everyone in our organization wants to thank our graduating players from both the U18 Richmond FC and U18 Richmond Hurricanes for being a part of our soccer family. We wish you all the best for the future!

The RUSC is also pleased to recognize five of our graduating players with scholarships to help them with their transition to post-secondary education. The scholarship was We’d like to honour and acknowledge those winners.

Ashley Chen Scholarship:

This award is given to a graduating player who combines a high level of skill and on-field competitiveness. The recipient demonstrates strength of character in addition to a positive attitude toward the game, coaches, officials, teammates, and opponents. 

This year, the Ashley Chen Scholarship was awarded to Annita Tran.

RGSA Scholarships:

In order to qualify for the RGSA Scholarship, players must have been playing in the RGSA for at least 4 years, have an academic standing of a minimum C+ average and demonstrated good citizenship and leadership in the RGSA and in her school community.

This year, RGSA Scholarships were awarded to Kayla Seaborn, Janeva Shahi, Kayla Masing & Jaia Manhas.

Congratulations to all of you!

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Community Partnership with RSF

Richmond, BC - July 27, 2020 - The Richmond United Soccer Club (RUSC) and Russel Sean Fitness (RSF) have agreed to a community partnership to provide additional benefits and enhanced development opportunities for our players.

The partnership will provide our players with the opportunity to join the RSF Athletic Development Program.

Key Benefits from the Partnership include:

 *   Players (siblings included) can join the RSF Athletic Development Program.
 *   Adults can join regular programs
 *   Discounted pricing on RSF Programs
 *   Fitness Education and Training
 *   Individual or group (team) Strength & Conditioning Training

The RUSC is very excited about this partnership in terms of the opportunities it provides for our players. Being able to provide off-field Health and Wellness opportunities for players is an important goal for our club. The RUSC recognizes that playing team sports is only one small component in helping individuals become the very best version of themselves. We look forward to working with RSF to provide new and exciting opportunities for our players.

Our partnerships with Fusion FC, BC Chinese Soccer Federation, and Russel Sean Fitness enhance our ability to help our players grow and develop through a variety of different teaching approaches, coaching styles and programming opportunities.

Since 1974, the RUSC has been dedicated to helping Richmond soccer players reach their sporting potential. The RUSC continues to be committed to our goal of creating a fun and safe learning environment where players, coaches, and parents can play and mature through the game of soccer.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please email Russel at

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Coach Education Webinar

The RUSC is excited to be offering another Webinar Education session!!  Presented by the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, the webinar is for all Coaches (staff/volunteers) and to Parents interested in coaching. 


The education will be geared towards working with players 8 years and up. It's to help coaches and parents to increase their knowledge and understanding around the dynamics of coaching young athletes in today's environment, but also an opportunity to learn helpful ways to connect and build healthy relationships with players of all skill levels. 


What an amazing education opportunity for mentoring players while teaching them to learn, develop and achieve their own personal goals in a safe and supportive coaching environment.


Thank you @whitecapsfc for this valuable learning opportunity!

If you’re interested in participating, please contact for your webinar details. 

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RUSC Fall Programming and Training times

**Please note that our programming as outlined below is subject to BC Soccer lifting all current COVID19 restrictions. 


The RUSC is pleased to share with you our Fall Programming details. 


Mini-Micro Program (U5-U8)
Our Mini-Micro Program will train 1X per week (Wednesdays) and play games on Saturdays. The U5-U6 program will start outdoors and then move indoors after Thanksgiving. The U7-U8 program will train outdoors for the entire season and the entire Mini-Micro Program will have a RUSC coach lead the Wednesday training session with the support of parent volunteers.


U8-U10 Program
We have revamped our U8-U10 Program based on our newly developed partnerships.. All of our U8-U10 players will get an opportunity, where possible, to play games against teams from our partner clubs (Killarney, ICSF and New Westminster). U8 players will have jamborees in October and January and our U9 and U10 players will play on balanced teams within their age group and enter a league with our partner clubs.


All of the U8-U9 players will also be provided with an opportunity to join our Development Program (after Thanksgiving weekend) for a small fee. Those who join the Development Program will receive an additional night of training with a Professional Coach and will play games, where possible, against development teams from our partnered clubs. Our U10 Development players were already identified through an assessment process back in March. 


U11-U18 Program
All Division 3 teams will train 1X per week. New for this year, we anticipate providing a Professional Coach to supplement weekly training with our volunteer head coaches.  


Similar to previous years, all Select/Development teams will train 2X per week with 1 training session being run by a Professional Coach. 


All U11-18 games, regardless of level, will be played on Sundays.  However, there may be the occasional AWAY game played on a Saturday.


Fall registration is open so please register your child to confirm their spot. 


In addition to the above regular programming, we are introducing some exciting new opportunities that are being made available to all players of all levels. Some of these opportunities will be run in collaboration with our new partnerships. More details on these new programs will be released very shortly. For our valued members though, here is a sneak peak:
  • Friday Night Lights - the popular series will be back for another season.  A revamped program will provide teams and players from U8 to U18 with a new and unique format.  

  • Monday Night Academy - Ball Mastery Program (new partner courtesy of Fusion FC)
  • Saturday Academy - High Performance Academy (RUSC/Fusion FC)
  • Sunday Academy - Skill/Positional Academy (RUSC/Fusion FC)
  • Private (1 player) and Semi-Private (4 players max) Training Sessions (RUSC)
  • Strength & Conditioning Program that will be made available for RUSC registered players. This will be provided by our soon to be announced RUSC partner. 


If you have any questions about any of our programming, please feel free to send me a quick email (


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